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Susan F. Attanasio's Philosophy

"The process of design should be one in which the homeowners and designer work together as partners - working towards a common vision."


My Approach

Your home is a special place where everything is inspired by your unique lifestyle and taste which is always very individualized. I work with that in mind and every project reflects the desires of each of my clients' hopes and dreams. The variety of my work covers a range from the initial consultation to a design and layout of one's dream home. If you're thinking of changing some of your existing pieces to other rooms or adding a few new one's we can do that too. Adding some color, rearranging pictures to display a new layout, or adding that special decor that brings everything together in a new light.

I'm always open to my client's needs and I will incorporate your personality into your decor. Together we'll be engaged in the present and future of your needs this will keep each project fresh and exciting. The challenge we find together in each project, maintains my client's enthusiasm. Your budget and concern for keeping your work within a given time frame is of utmost importance and always respected.

My goal is to enable us together to create attractive and comfortable living spaces that complement the life you and your family enjoy. A home where you can relax in a restful bedroom, rooms to entertain and enjoy with your friends and family. Cook and create meals in your beautiful new kitchen that is organized and practical. Your home will be your haven and will affirm the feeling that life is good and you can feel comfortable and content.

We can combine what you have with your desire to improve or update your home. We'll present a design for your approval and show you the end result and the way it will look. As I enter your home, I instinctively visualize the areas of your concern. I begin to formulate how best to use your space and contents, to reflect your tastes and needs.


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